Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Going Granola

Going granola has been the plan for a long time now.  I grew up in a pretty "natural" household trying my best not to be a hippie, and now I'm desperately trying to get back to that place full of positive thinking and free of sugar.

Slowly but surely I'm turning over a newer, greener leaf that promises a vibrant life full of health and happiness.  The pantry, the cleaning supplies, my mindset, and even the food we feed our sweet pup are reflecting this shift and I couldn't be happier to feel the winds of change.

My friend Danielle sent me a text last week suggesting that I start a blog called Hippielicious.  I discounted the idea as I felt I had nothing to say... After all, I glean most of my info from other blogs!  But I kept thinking about her idea, and thinking about the fact that there must be other people like me, suffering from similar health issues (I will delve into these in the coming weeks), the rise and fall of trying to create a healthy life, etc.; and I warmed to the idea of sharing.

Follow my journey as I try to get the junk out of my life.  I'm going to try my best to replace it with higher quality, less gmo, more fermented, less processed, more self sustained food and products. 

Until next time,

Peace & Love - Michelle

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