Monday, 9 March 2015

Sugar Blues

I cannot believe how addictive sugar is!!!

After my last post about how badly I wanted to get on track, I gorged almost a whole container of delicious caramel filled cupcakes from Safeway.  I ended up feeling so sick from all the sweets, and guilty too which is never fun.  It was partially because we finished our dog training classes and I was so relieved that we passed so it felt like a celebration, and it was partially because it was girls night and cupcakes just seemed so fitting! 

Since the epic cupcake crash and burn I've been trying to slooooowly reform.  I think that healthy habits can't happen overnight, so every day I try to replace a treat with something healthy.  It's actually going pretty well!  We celebrated Cody's bday before he went back to work, and I enjoyed a couple of carrot cake muffins with cream cheese icing, but in general I've been reaching for Mary's Organic Crackers and hummus instead of a sugary treat.  I really like the herb flavor of Mary's crackers, and I've been too lazy to make my own hummus so have been buying a caramelized onion hummus from Superstore that I'm loving.

Not to go over the top talking about Mary's Crackers, but check out the nutritional facts and ingredients, so awesome!

I've been getting out for some longer walks and the fresh air and exercise seem to help keep the healthy food cravings coming which is great, I'm going to try to keep that up even on weekdays.  With the help of my trusty Garmin Vivofit I'm aiming for 9000 steps per day - this will be a stretch for me on weekdays because I tend to be draggy, but hopefully the more I walk the more energetic I will feel.  I will recap my step and activity count weekly in hopes of having some accountability.

Have a great Monday afternoon!

Peace & Love - Michelle

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